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Elite Keylogger Lite for Windows has no invisible mode and can be used for basic activity recording.
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Trial version is available here. This version has a reduced functionality (no remote install), to get the latest and most undetectable version, please purchase the app.

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10 day trial version with full functionality;
Last update: 23 Jan 2022;
File size: 599 KB;

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Snipping Tool for Windows, freeware (language: English)

This free tool lets you to cut a piece of your screen and then copy, save or email it instantly. Rectangular and free shape screenshots are supported.
File size: 1.72 MB;

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Please purchase the full version, or download our Lite version and use it for free.

Perfect Keylogger Lite for Mac has no invisible mode and offers basic activity recording options. It’s available at

Trial version (with reduced functionality) is available here.

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Right Zoom for Mac 2.3 - (language: English)


This changes a default behaviour of  “Full screen” button in macOS windows. It provides a simpler and faster window expanding, without hiding the Dock and Menu bar.
Last update: 2 Sep 2021;

 Click here  to download for macOS 10.10-12 (64-bit version)
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Start Menu for Mac 1.4 - freeware (language: English)

Start Menu for Mac adds a Start Button to your Dock, so you’ll be able to review all programs installed with a single mouse click and run what you need fast.
Last update: 22 Nov 2021;
Required: macOS 10.9 or later (including macOS 12 Monterey)
File size: 1.32 MB;

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 Click here  to download v1.1 for older systems – 10.4 and later.

Free Website Blocker for Mac 1.5 - freeware (language: English)

Parental control software. Blacklist unwanted websites on your Mac – by website addresses or web page titles. Could be useful to block porn websites.
Last update: 21 Nov 2021;
Required: macOS 10.9 or later (up to macOS 12 Monterey)
File size: 452 KB;

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