Right Zoom for Mac - modify your Full Screen button behavior

Right Zoom is available as one month free trial download.

Right Zoom is a tweak tool, that changes the way that “full screen” button acts on a Mac. It will maximize selected windows without hiding the Dock and menu bar – instead of going to full screen mode. This could be useful for switchers from Windows world, or for people who don’t need the full screen mode everywhere.

Attention: if you cannot install this app because of macOS warning, please click the downloaded file in Finder with a Ctrl key or with a right mouse button, and choose Open from the popup menu. Repeat that twice in macOS 10.15 or higher.

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We strongly recommend to make your own list of apps where you’d like to use the Right Zoom, because some applications may behave incorrectly with Right Zoom enabled, or you just don’t need any changes in those apps.

Right Zoom is a background process utility, that runs consuming very little resources. It will not slow your system down at all.

Special thanks to BrightHub.com for writing the first detailed articles about this application.

Application requirements:

  • macOS 10.10-12.x, Intel or Apple Silicon CPU